Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Interviews, interviews and interviews

Till now, we have interviewed 17 entrepreneurs. During our discussion with them, we could clearly see their enthusiasm, energy and struggle. Though we could see similarities in opinions, still there were difference of views when it comes to execution.

We interviewed the following entrepreneurs:-

Interior Design
(1) Mamta

Web 2.0
(2) Shashank, CEO of Naabo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
(3) Pranav Bhasin, Lifeblob
(4) Prateek Dayal and Nithya, Muziboo

(5) Yusuf Motiwala, TringMe

Creative Arts
(6) Ashish Solanki, NetBramha
(7) Raksha Shriram, Active Canvas

(8) Vishwas and Sandeep, Jobeehive
(9) Priyanka , Hungry Bangalore
(10) Sonu Mishra, Refer-India

(11) Phanindra , RedBus
(12) Amarindar, Core Objects

Educational Sector
(13) Sandhya, Sudiksha

(14) Pawan Kumar, ACTor Productions

(15) Shabarish

Serial Entrepreneur
(16) Rajeev Kumar, ChromoSoul Technologies India

Clean Technology
(17) Poonam - Daily Dump

Check out their photographs and videos on our blog...


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