Friday, July 11, 2008

The Making of Entrepreneur Blues

The making of a documentary film

Entrepreneurship is being talked about a lot now-a-days. Many books, courses, coaching and online help are available for the young enthusiastic minds. But still bunch of our young Indian population is weak when it comes to taking risk in life, which happens to be the foundation of opening a venture.

People say a picture is worth thousand words. So why not make a documentary film on the life of an entrepreneur? This movie will not only help the young entrepreneurs answer most of their doubts about startups but would also make it clear what it takes to be an entrepreneur. During the course of this exersice we will unearth the pattern in all the entrepreneurs in the way they have been and are living life!

What do we do with the film?
We will show the movie in different forums like NeN, TiE, Barcamp, OCC, Kickstart, Mobile Monday, Startup Saturday. Most importantly we will showcase this in engineering colleges so that students have a good idea of what a startup is and are better informed to make their choices during placements. Not only in engineering colleges ,we shall also showcase this in colleges of other streams like arts and science. We are also trying to rope in a media partner.

How can you contribute?
If you are an entrepreneur and are inspired by the vision, my team would like to interview you for 10-20 minutes. All you have to do is to pour your experiences out. Please consider the possibility of sparing your time for the big cause and mail us your response to

1. Ankur Jain - ankurj[dot]iitd[at]gmail[dot]com +91-998-079-7667
2. Hemanth Haridas - hhemanth[at]gmail[dot]com +91 9886685724

What do you get from the movie when you contribute ?
  1. You will get famous and your company will be known India-wide
  2. You may get to recruit freshers from colleges, may get interns too.
  3. You may get a cool way to give back and contribute to the society.


Abhishek said...

U can interview the bid !

Shrinidhi Hande said...

All the best for your initiative

Big Business said...

You must check out, that is a real movie on young entrepreneurs by Louis Lautman

Raghavender said...


Kudos on the innovative concept and enthusiastic implementation.

I am presently working with a startup. The struggles of the startup before the concrete idea is different from after.
The startup I am working with is still trying to scour through ideas.
I tell you, its a whole different enjoyable mess.