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Face-to-face with Vishwas Mudagal & Sandeep Gudibanda of JobeeHive

JobeeHive ( is a unique web 2.0 community platform that brings professional networking services together with career information on companies and industries. "Where do you wanna go next?" is the question JobeeHive helps you understand and answer by (i) providing insider information from employees and ex-employees about a company so that you have authentic information to aid your decision (ii) tapping the knowledge of your professional network in order to add credibility to the information you have (iii) getting information directly from the companies themselves about work, culture, business and opportunities. JobeeHive incorporates all these utilities and more so that you have a blend of opinions and facts to help you choose your next move in your career or business with an enhanced sense of confidence.

RV College of Engineering, 2003, graduates Sandeep & Vishwas launched JobeeHive ALPHA in September 2007. On 08.08.08, JobeeHive BETA version was released. You can now signup at, which is open to public. To keep the company reviews and salary details fresh, it is required for users to submit either a review or salary report before you signup. However, if you get an invite from an existing JobeeHive user, you need not write a review to signup

How it started?

Both Vishwas & Sandeep felt that there should be some system/ methodology to understand the work, culture, salary details & leadership of a company before you take employment with them. The idea got more strength when one of their close friends got cheated by a renowned company in Bangalore. So, that was the starting point for them. Jobeehive helps people to take Informed Decisions, be it in their careers or business – this is their mission.

How it evolved?

To start with, JobeeHive only had company reviews taken by employees and ex-employees of a company. This was no doubt a great medium. However, as they started approaching industry experts, friends and groups like KickStart for feedback; they realized that people needed a credible and interactive platform. Adding a professional network with features to tap collective knowledge seemed like a perfect blend. Later, they also added a third dimension of creating social networks or communities for companies within JobeeHive. One unique aspect here was that JobeeHive will bring companies themselves to engage their communities.

Prior experience helps

From the college days, both Vishwas & Sandeep dreamt of having their own venture and that too create something that is cool and useful. However, they understood that they will not succeed unless they have concrete experience in the corporate world. Before jumping into JobeeHive both of them worked with various software firms nearly 5 years and were start performers in their companies. It is this confidence that they leveraged when they started JobeeHive. Their families supported them a lot – all types of support that one can get – which has helped them to move forward.

Tough times

The biggest challenge for JobeeHive has been funding. Although they engaged with various VCs over a period of time, they were sure they didn’t want funding for a year. This was because they wanted to nurture the startup according to their plans – something which people should love using.

Because of this reason, they revamped their old startup Talentify and renamed it as PeopleStorm Services, a recruitment outsourcing company. This was something very interesting – starting a company to fund another company. But, the risk paid off and now PeopleStorm is generating enough business to sustain JobeeHive as well.

Team spirit

Right now, they have a team of 6 at their JP Nagar office; the chemistry between the team members is amazing – diverse thoughts for a common cause. If you have positive messages then spread it but don’t spread the negative ones, as the team is very young & negative vibes can distract or de-motivate them. Even at one point of time, Sandeep got offer from ISB, Hyderabad but he preferred to stay with JobeeHive to move this concept beyond everyone's imagination. When they first presented this idea at Barcamp Bangalore, they got many questions about the business model but today when they have launched their BETA version, users see a platform that is both useful and cool. Their revenue model is based on recruitment solutions for companies, premium user subscription, selling statistics, advertisements among other streams.


Professor Suresh of IIMB and Dr. Kalyani Gandhi of NSRCell helped them a lot whenever they needed any help. Vishwas & Sandeep recommend startups to have good mentors to overcome many issues in the initial days.

Future plans

JobeeHive has many features in the pipeline. One such useful feature is tentatively called “Startup Buzz” – where startups will showcase their work, culture, pictures, demos, etc. and use it to create their own community for business, marketing and recruitment campaigns.

Our society really needs this type service, as our fellow professionals and students are being deprived of many promised things after they join a company. We need more transparency in the corporate world, where both companies and employees need to understand each other better. This can be an answer to creating great workplaces, controlling attrition and checking adhoc salary increases. Thanks for this innovation idea & service. We all wish them best of luck for the rest of their journey with JobeeHive (


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Startup Savvy Movie released

We have renamed the movie Entrepreneur Blues to Startup Savvy.
We have released the Movie Startup Savvy on youtube.
Here is the movie

Startup Savvy 1

Startup Savvy 2

Startup Savvy 3

Startup Savvy 4


Rajeev Kumar: A serial entrepreneur

Mr. Rajeev Kumar is a Serial Entrepreneur, Green Technology and Management expert by profession, a Social Entrepreneur, an Urban Ecologist, a Mentor and a Speaker by passion. He has over 15 years experience in consulting and have advised several reputed companies in South India in important verticals sectors such as FMCG, Manufacturing, Retail, Advertising, IT, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology, Government, Enterprise Management, Infrastructure and Education.

Designations: Rajeev is co-founder and board member of four Companies in South India. His designations are Co-Founder & Promoter of Target Hotels & Resorts Pvt. Ltd. (Chennai), Managing Director & CEO of ChromoSoul Technologies (Hyderabad), Co-Founder/MD & CEO ChromoSAS (Bangalore), RamaVarma EcoBuild Technologies (Bangalore), and he is also associated with Gyapti Developers Pvt. Ltd. (Hyderabad), SecureCenterics Pvt. Ltd. (Bangalore) and Cherytech India Private Ltd. (Bangalore).

Educational Qualifications:
Rajeev has postgraduate qualifications in IT, Business Management, Green Technology and Foreign Trade. He has undergone professional training in Cleaner Production and Clean Technology under the UNIDO/UNEP/NCPC/KCPC partnership.

Thesis and Publications:
Rajeev Kumar has 17 published Papers, 6 White Papers and 2 policy drafts to his credit. He has played a leading role in 4 International Conferences. His doctoral thesis focuses on the Management practices in Public Administration, and Ecologically Responsible & Sustainable Cities (Ecocities).

Key Roles:
  • Rajeev Kumar has led the conception and development of several unique projects in Environment Development, Technology upgradation, and Urban Development Sectors in Karnataka.
  • He is also associated with management, civic, local development issues in Bangalore, partnering with the Karnataka housing Board, Brihat Bengaluru Mahanagara Pallike (Greater Bangalore City Corporation), Karnataka Police Department (Prisons Department & Karnataka Police Housing Development Board), Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), the Bangalore Management Association (BMA) and Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB).
  • He regularly writes and speaks at several Academic, Industry, Government and Public Forums representing industry and academia on Management, Technology, Civic and Environment topics.
  • He is a member of leading professional organizations such as Bangalore Management Association, the International Organization for Biotechnology & Bioengineering (formerly Member of the Central Working Committee), Stockholm, International Ecocity Group.
  • He successfully led an international team that organised the prestigious Sixth International Ecocity Conference (Ecocity6) at Bangalore during December 2006.
  • He is working with several reputed personalities globally for setting up of the International Ecocity Society, the Centre for Green design & Research, the International Energy Transition Institute and International Energy Transition Fund.
  • He is also advising the Government of Kurdistan on developing the proposed Green Capital City and the Kurdistan International Institute of Advance Studies.
  • He is credited with the founding of the Bangalore based 'Project Agastya' – a unique experiment in citizen's involvement in city design, planning and development. Project Agastya is also involved in the drafting of new standards for Ecological Design and Development.
  • He has also served as a Member of the Global Advisory Board, Gaia University, USA and Germany for a term. And also heads the Regional Division of Global Action Plan (GAP).
Rajeev Kumar was recently adjudged among top 25 Young Leaders to lead India in the future by The Times of India (World's largest English Daily), Bangalore (September 2007).

Future plans:
Rajeev along with his friends are launching the India Innovation Network to bring together all the stakeholders of Innovation on a single platform, and promote, develop, mentor and support Innovation.


Raksha Sriram and Divya Raghuram - Active Canvas

Active Canvas is one of a kind art school that offers art classes and events across art forms for people of all ages. The founders of this renouned school are:- a) Ms. Raksha Sriram - Ms. Raksha Sriram completed her Bachelor of Arts from NMKRV College for Women, Bangalore in the year 1994 and later completed her Masters in Advertising from Syracuse University in the year 1998. Ms Raksha Sriram has over 10 years of work experience and she has worked in many organisations like American Society of Engineers, Olympus group, Alexandra, VA, Active Canvas as a Content Writer, Web Designer, Freelance Designer and Founder respectively. b) Ms. Divya Raghuram - Ms Divya Raghuram completed her Bachelor of Buisness Management from Sri Bhagavan Mahaveer Jain College in the year 2000 and later completed her Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing and Advertising from Baratiya Vidya Bhavan in the year 2001. She has worked in many organisations like OnMobile, Artists Foundation for the Arts and Active Canvas as a HR Executive, Program Manager, Freelan Actor and Founder respectively.

The important achievements of Active Canvas till date are:-

1. The organisation has nearly 1000 students in their classes since they have opened in Feb of 2007
2. They have conducted nearly 100 courses across art forums
3. They have conducted nearly 15 special events such as plays, music, concerts, exhibitions, etc featuring local artists and artists from other countries
4. Their pottery studio Olam is now the only one end-to-end studio of this kind in Bangalore.

The upcoming challenges of Active Canvas are:-

1. Getting more students registered for the classes. and
2. Sustainability

Active Canvas have been featured in many articles of papers such as Hindu, Deccan and Mid-Day and they have been referred in many websites of Burrp, Bangalore Metblog, Tendylicious, Events Bangalore, Citizen Matters, etc. Thus Active Canvas has proved itself as one of the best art school in Bangalore.


Poonam Bir Kasturi - Daily Dump

Daily Dump is the brand of a company called Playsneak (

As a service, Daily Dump helps the people manage their household waste and convert it to useful high-quality compost. It supports the people with flexible service plans to achieve their goal of becoming a green citizen.

Ms. Poonam Bir Kasturi founder of Daily Dump was graduate from NID in the year 1985 with the degree Diploma in Industrial Design and prior to the foundation of Daily Dump she has worked in many organisations like Indian Design Center, Industree Crafts, Srishti school of art design and technology, Playsneak as a an HR, Director, Foundation Faculty and Founder respectively.

As an competant, the achievements of Ms. Poonam Bir Kasturi are:-

1. She has created the first composer of the indian market.
2. She has got it produced by craft.
3. And at last she has done it on an open-source platform

So the upcoming challenges of Mrs. Poonam Bir Kasturi are:-

1. To scale up the terracotta range
2. To get more clones established all over the country
3. To get the mechanical products out in the market.

Daily Dump was first blogged in " http :// " and also people will soon see the released product in the modified forms sprouting all over. Our Google Analytics site tells us that the daily dump site has been visited by most countries and thus its been made popular.


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Rendezvous with CEO of

Redbus is one of the renowned ticketing site for inter city bus services of private operators. Started in 2006 with three people on-board in a small office in Domlur the company is already in a break-even stage and is looking forward to setup offices in other major cities of India. In a interview  to Eblues team the CEO of the company Phanindra Sama shared his remarkable journey of last 3 years.

Eureka moment
It was vacation time during Diwali in 2005 and many of Phani's friends were already left to their hometown. Initially not being sure about taking off from work Phani postponed his decision to book tickets. Finally when he decided to go to his hometown Hyderabad and the ticket booking saga took him no where. First he contacted his usual travel agent, later he contacted each and every known travel agent for a single ticket to Hyderabad. The series of unsuccessful attempts for booking tickers made him realize massiveness of the unorganized industry involving operators and travel agents. 40 buses from Bangalore to Hyderabad everyday! Being alone in Bangalore a golden idea struck him. Eureka! Eureka! why not organize this bus industry with help of a software so that it turns out to be win-win-win for bus operators, travel agents and of course for passengers. He discussed about the idea with his pals of BITS Pilani - Sudhakar and Charan. They started with a plan of making a software which maintains the inventory of the bus routes and assists the travel agents in booking tickets.

Key moment and the USP
Being member of TIE (The Indus Entrepreneurs) forum, Phani along with his friends submitted the idea to one of the competitions of the forum. Phani still believes the major reason for the project to get selected was the way it was presented. The allotted duration for presentation was 30 minutes, therefore they planned presentation for only for 15 minutes(rest for Q&A) with only 7-8 slides. 1- slide about the team, 1-slide about the unorganized industry and 1-slide about their solution and so on.

Godfather's insights
After the project was shortlisted in TiE competition, the team was alloted three mentors for further progress, one of them was Sanjay Anatharam. He helped the team getting the right VC and added some valuable inputs to the project. According to Sanjay, deploying the software for each and every travel agent all over India won't be practical, a lot of effort will be needed to make it work without any issues. Target city customer with a website to book the tickets online. Anyways in future Internet connection will be as ubiquitous as mobile phone connection.

Testing times
The venture went thru a lot of testing times. First of all convincing bus operators that the new medium will work took a lot of effort. The high pressure phase was the first two weeks after launch of the site in Auguest 2006. They had to show the sales to the operators. The team went all out as for publicising about the ticketing site. They went in front of software companies during lunch hours for distributing the pamphlets and simultaneously explaining about the site.

The breakthrough moment
It was indeed the moment when the first ticket was booked by a software engineer of Infosys. It really was an auspicious beginning as the ticket booked was from Bangalore to Tirupathi! For the first customer the team ensured the safe travel by assisting the passenger for boarding the bus!

Engineers turned Travel agents
The way of earning changed completely. For every ticket booked the commission was about Rs.20. The expected amount of sales needed were very high to compensate for the salaries they used earn in their last jobs. There were slight thoughts of giving up, but the persistence of Sudhakar(co-founder) kept the team focused for achieving the goals. Also, when one starts a business even the minute details/rules can't be ignored like maintaining a attendance register, having a Kannada in sign boards etc.

Role Model & Inspiration
The major inspiration for Phani has been Richard Branson and his autobiography 'Losing my Virginity'. Branson's thoughts on colour red has been the major influence for naming the company 'Red'bus.

Meeting different kinds of people
Being a CEO at such an young age has been challenging. As part of work he has handle people with twice/thrice as his experience. Every person is unique, some people pamper him even not doing anything great and some blast him for not doing any mistake. These things one never faces being an employee of a big company.

Expansion plans
The main interaction with customer happens thru customer care operators. The company hires operators as employees, instead of outsourcing the work to a third party. The long term plan is to open offices all over India which includes even North-East Indian cities. But the expansion is planned/done in a organic way. When the one office breaks even with respect to investment the other office in a different city will be set up.

The edited video of the interview is embedded below.


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About Refer-India

Refer India is a recruiting firm; their database will be built on references and direct application that will be reviewed and filtered by the technical team. Their expertise lies in placement services for the IT, ITES, BPO and KPO industry. Recruitment has always been the most crucial factor within an Organization and people are the key strength. RI internal technical team will interview the candidate and propose to the client the most relevant and qualified candidate.

The mission of the company is: " To serve and solve the purpose of recruitment for the corporate companies by identifying the most tested and trusted candidate; to bridge the expectation level between the client and the candidate at the resume level; and to share business with people associated with us; contributing to our success ".

Sonu Mishra, co-founder of Refer India and the driving force behind this company, has over eight years of experience in recruiting sector, team management and client handling.With expertise in process management and having helped in a company setup; Sonu understands the gap in the current norm of prospective candidate - employer relationship, recruitment; and that led to RI. Highly passionate and committed towards work, she has contributed to different industry sectors, mainly to Information Technology, IT Enabled Services, Banking and KPO. RI is her new passion. Sonu Mishra completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences in the year 1999 and has around 8 years of industry experience.

The important achievement of Sonu Mishra is - Revenue generation in the second of commencing the buisness. The important challenges of Sonu Mishra are - Approaching the clients, entering the market while it is down, etc.


About Lifeblob

Lifeblob mission is to help people connect their lives with the world around them.

Simply put, Lifeblob is the people`s personal diary, with a social angle to it - we represent it as a timeline. Just like people would write in their personal dairy about their experiences, the events that happened in their life and stick pictures to make it memorable, we allow you to make posts on the people`s timeline capture those precious memories.

However the people who founded this organisation are:-
  1. Pranav Bhasin - He has 7+ years of leadership experience and he completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from NSIT. Pranav was among the intial few who started Trilogy India Operations. He has worked in various leadership roles leading higj-performance teams spread across india, US and China. As a " Section Lead " in Trilogy University 2004, Pranav kickstarted 4 new buisnesses for Trilogy in a span of 3 months and thereafter went on to lead the R&D for Trilogy`s first Interactive Marketing solution in the Automative Vertical.
  2. Rakesh Ranjan - He joined Trilogy after completing his Bachelor of Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore in the year 2005. Rakesh is a Technology freak and during his Trilogy University, Rakesh envisioned the opportunity in building a collaborative search engineer, developed a prototype in 3 months and convinced the CEO to fund the idea beyond TU. Thereafter, Rakesh moved on to the Automative Vertical as a Technical Fellow and was instrumental in architecting Trilogy`s first analytical engine to identify and target automotive shoppers.
  3. Vishu GS - He started OTP, a company focused towards services to the overseas market immediately after finishing his Master of Engineering in Computer Science from PSG, Coimbature in the year 2005. After making OTP a professionally run company, vishnu joined Trilogy to as a " Pre-Sales and Product Management Analyst " to evangelize " Trilogy`s Lead Scoring Service " and devise strategies to acquire users through Interactive Marketing. In the early 2007, Vishnu left Trilogy to start Interchain, a company focussed on Location Based Services and also co-founded Lifeblob.
Now, if we imagine there are millions of people across this globe making posts that connect their timelines with various other timelines thereby creating this huge global mesh. And if we imagine if we could walk around this mesh over a single timeline or use these posts as to jump from one timeline to another, disscovering new people and new pieces of information - that is what Lifelob enables for people.

The important achievements till date are:- a) High-complexity on the server side - Capability to handle multiple data at a single strech, b) Intuitive visualization on the client side - The main vision of people of Lifeblob was to have the timeline be a reflection to a personal`s life, so visualization of the timeline and the way a user can interact with it was very important. And also the biggest challenge in the near future for them is going to be acquiring users at a rapid pace and turning the company into profitable venture. Thus thay took all these challenges head-on and have successfully addressed them and also they count these as their largest achievements till date.


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Entrepreneur Blues




Prateek and Nitya Muziboo

Muziboo is an online community of musicians. The members of this community share whatever music they make with other members of the community. They can also upload cover versions of songs and get comments from the other users.

The tagline of Muziboo is “Get an audience”. Muziboo does provide audience for the music a member creates and for the covers he sings or plays. It is basically targeted at amateur musicians who need their music to be reviewed.

Some of the things that you can do as a member of this community are

  • Share your music

  • Comment on music

  • Build your online profile

  • Find new friends and band members

  • Create a page for your band

  • Talk on groups and find help for your queries.

There is hardly any genre of music which is not shared or discussed. The community provides rich audience for whatever genre of music you upload or discuss. It brings together those musicians who’ve just started playing and those musicians who’ve been creating good music for some time. The blend of “newbies” and “professionals” in the community adds to its essence. There are many with original compositions, and also there are people who have sung covers, wanting a feedback from peers on their singing.

The community is still growing. All it takes to become a member of this community is an account in their official website The procedure is fairly simple and hardly takes any time. Another important aspect of Muziboo is that it does not rate music which is shared, though it has a “most played section” which will hint users about the popular ones.

The community has been appreciated for its idea and the help it offers to upcoming musicians. The website was launched by its founders Prateek and Nithya in August 2007.


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Yusuf Motiwala, Tring Me

TringMe is a product company focussed on building next generation communication platform.The people at TringMe are driven by the passion to provide people with cutting-edge technology, which will make communication a amazing experience.Their line of products will make the communication between individuals easy and pleasureful.

TringSwitch is one such product which integrates the might of existing voice and text communication devices, the power of the internet and the capabilities of SIP devices. It supports both web and the mobile platforms by providing a fully embeddable web-client for the web and an equally good VOIP-client for the mobile platform.

The key features of TringSwitch are:

  • High availability and real-time platform optimized for web-based and Mobile-VOIP applications.
  • It is the core back-end platform for all TringMe offerings 3. Supports Phones, IMIs, Mobile phones, SIP phones, SIP clients, Internet as organisation and termination points.
  • Exposes Flash and REST APIs so that innovative voice-enabled we apps can be written by third parties as well.
  • Can be integrated with any telephony backend including SIP server. 6. Enterprise ready with redundancy and clustering/load balancing support.
  • Voice over Instant Messenger (VOIM) - Gtalk and Jabber are fully supported. Support for Yahoo, Skype and MSN is coming soon...
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) engine is in the works. 9. Exposes easy to use APSs to enable tight integration

TringPhone is another product from this company which showcases their innovative capabilities.It is a web-based phone which provides the ability to call a phone anywhere in the world. TringPhone is classic example of a software which is easy to use and has an high value for the customer

The key features of TringPhone are:

  1. It is directly accessible from a web browser. No software installation is required.
  2. It is very easy to use. Login, Dial and Talk.
  3. No complex settings - e.g. SIP settings, NAT traversal, Unblocking firewall portsd etc- to deal with.
  4. Supports calling a phone number, a SIP phone or IM ( Gtalk )
  5. Call is truly initiated from the PC that`s connected to the web
  6. Doesn`t use callback technique to establish calls between the two parties.
  7. Branding and Customization is fully supported. 8. Can specify your own VOIP provider.

About the Founder (Yusuf Motiwala) :
  • 13+ years of experience in communication and multimedia industries. - Held several levels of technical (architecture) and management roles in Flextronics, Lucent, Texas Instruments (TI) – strong technical background.
  • Education: Masters degree (EE). Associated with premier education institutes (IIT-Bombay/Stanford).
  • Author of the popular DVD encoder YMPEG (
  • Several excellence awards in technical, skills management areas.
  • Participated in System level architecture review and similar initiatives in Lucent, TI.
  • Has filed 2 patents on telecom/IPTV domain.
  • Authored few IEEE papers and got special mention in RFC 4067 (wireless context transfer protocol).
  • Speaker for IETE Broadband and communications Conference 2005 – EFCoS 05 - Organizer of Barcamp Bangalore II, Dec 2006.
Lakshman Srikanth and Phaneendra Kaddi


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Poonam Bir Kasturi, Daily Dump

Hi all, I am Ramjee Ganti, let me give you a sneak preview of Daily Dump, a company which we are going to feature under Cleantech.

I have always maintained a corner for non-it startups (Pixelninc, ion, easylifeservices, brewhaha) in this blog. And design is my passion. What can be better than a startup which combines these two. In this post I will be introducing you to one such startup .

"Oh! Man, I have to throw that stinking waste basket from the kitchen", said a friend of mine when I visited him. He's just married and as with most of the people find it difficult to keep the kitchen clean. I am sure most of you can identify with this situation. I for one am lucky that the maid cleans up the waste basket in kitchen daily.(If she does not come for a day, my kitchen is in for a toss).

One more thing that concerns me most of the time is that all this waste is thrown in the overflowing dustbins on the road (mind you not road side). All the waste degenerates on the roads and makes the best of the best roads stinking fowl. This is not just a problem in Bangalore but across the country.

An old saying goes like this "Win at home, before you conquer the world". One more "Little drops maketh an Ocean". Same here, before we get to clean the roads of Bangalore let us clean our houses first (without dirtying the roads) .

You might ask, what do we do about it? Ok, I might have a solution up my sleeve. I came across this old-new startup from Bangalore which precisely helps you in doing this. I am referring to DailyDump, trying to make good of the waste.

[tHe sTory bEhind?]
Most of the waste generated in an Indian home is organic in nature. We all know that organic waste makes an excellent ingredient for compost. This compost is made using organic waste like dead leaves, cooked food, vegetable peels etc. It makes good supplement and nutrient for the crops, gardens etc. Composting is a time taking and tedious process(Ask me, I was on a project with AID Bangalore). What DailyDump tried to do is make composting in your house a decently simple and clean process.

[wHat tHey dO]
"Our products are designed to make your environment better - both aesthetically and ecologically " is the line from DailyDump. Check out the photos in this blog, that should speak of what good job these folks are doing. Though at this point I am not very sure on how all this stuff works (exact mechanics), I feel it should be a bit straight forward.(I don't guarantee it at this point). Check out the names of the products, simple vernacular !!.

I know your next question is how much it costs me? (I mean you!).
Depending on the size of the container, it might cost you anywhere between 100rs to 750 rs.

No service/product can be without pitfalls. I am so happy that dailydump has openly come up with the problems that people might face and offer workarounds.
"Composting at home could take some getting used to, but Daily Dump’s Service Team is there, anytime, anywhere, to help you. You could either sign up for a Service Plan or call us when you feel the need.

We find that some customers are hesitant to begin by themselves and need some support to fall back on, which is why the service plans are flexible and you can choose from four options." (DailDump)

There is a service option to people who find it difficult to maintain the stuff.

"The daily dump current range needs a bit of maintenance by the urban consumer. A city needs multiple solutions, at the community level and larger scale. The daily dump addresses only the problem of home waste." (Index 2007 Awards)

With such a great design can the accolades be far behind. DailyDump has been nominated by the Index 2007 Awards under the Home category (Index is a NPO- focusing on design to improve Life worldwide). There is also a mention on springwise and trendhunters two of the sites that bring out the innovative things across the world.

So what does dailydump see in the future.
" A mechanised composter for homes, which handles the task of having to turn the compost pile by the owner. Composting products for specific needs like big restaurants, cafes, marriage halls, convention centres and larger hotels. “Bangalore has a lot of vegetable, fruit and flower co-operative outlets. These need specific low-cost well-designed solutions,” feels Poonam. On the anvil is composting for large flats that can effectively use ‘In-house composting units’. Products for other urban needs, like rain-water harvesting, organic farming, non-formal sector businesses are also in the plan. " (Deccan Herald)

[pEople bHeind]
This is the brain child Poonam Kasturi, one of the co founders of Srishti Design School. She is an NID Ahmedabad 85 batch alumnus. Check out her paper at design with India conference in 2006. A go through the paper tells you about her deep insights into the design and what kind of design we need in India.
If you think it's a one man show it is not. Check out the page where the team behind dailydump is introduced. I guess every one involved found a place here.

I am planning to have a podcast/videocast with her and the team. Will get to know more details then and let you all know about, one more face who cares for design. Check out this page where she describes why she chose this approach to composting.

[cOol fActor]
The pictures, very impressive. The website has a nice, cool interface. (Somethings can be improved). And the best part is, Poonam says the content and the business model is opensource.
"Also people – lots of them have shaped it in many ways – so this project does not belong to me alone – it belongs to the many that will shape it as time moves on. This project therefore is dedicated to everyone who wishes to do something with it – and all the material is available on this site under a creative commons license." (DailyDump)
That's the zing factor, I bow to her for the vision. She is an inspiration to all of us.

[mY Opinion]
Ok, we come to the last part. I am impressed.
But I do have concerns that you might have. Does it really stand up to the claims. What will happen in rains, if I am away from house, if the pot breaks, so on and so forth. Also I haven't got the exact nature of work on my part if I start using this in my house. As mentioned earlier in this post, I plan to talk to Poonam next.
Drop by all your queries in comments. I will try to get them answered.

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Photo of Garbage: The Hindu
You Tube video of Daily Dump
Other Photos: Index
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The support team

Here are the great team members who have an important role to play in this initiative:

(1) Ankur Jain, works in Bell Labs, initiator of the idea
(2) Hemanth Haridas, works in Cisco, catalyst
(3) Mrinal Paul, works in Intel, enthusiast
(4) Gaurav Ahuja, works in National Instruments, support/enthusiast
(5) Amit Singh, freelancer, KickStart, contacts

We together handle the camera, conduct interviews, coordinate appointments, take down notes, update blog. But we still need more people to pitch in to help us be more effective.

In particular, we need video editing guys/gals who have made documentaries before. It will be great too, if people volunteer to show this documentary film in their colleges all over India.


Interviews, interviews and interviews

Till now, we have interviewed 17 entrepreneurs. During our discussion with them, we could clearly see their enthusiasm, energy and struggle. Though we could see similarities in opinions, still there were difference of views when it comes to execution.

We interviewed the following entrepreneurs:-

Interior Design
(1) Mamta

Web 2.0
(2) Shashank, CEO of Naabo Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
(3) Pranav Bhasin, Lifeblob
(4) Prateek Dayal and Nithya, Muziboo

(5) Yusuf Motiwala, TringMe

Creative Arts
(6) Ashish Solanki, NetBramha
(7) Raksha Shriram, Active Canvas

(8) Vishwas and Sandeep, Jobeehive
(9) Priyanka , Hungry Bangalore
(10) Sonu Mishra, Refer-India

(11) Phanindra , RedBus
(12) Amarindar, Core Objects

Educational Sector
(13) Sandhya, Sudiksha

(14) Pawan Kumar, ACTor Productions

(15) Shabarish

Serial Entrepreneur
(16) Rajeev Kumar, ChromoSoul Technologies India

Clean Technology
(17) Poonam - Daily Dump

Check out their photographs and videos on our blog...


Friday, July 11, 2008


The Making of Entrepreneur Blues

The making of a documentary film

Entrepreneurship is being talked about a lot now-a-days. Many books, courses, coaching and online help are available for the young enthusiastic minds. But still bunch of our young Indian population is weak when it comes to taking risk in life, which happens to be the foundation of opening a venture.

People say a picture is worth thousand words. So why not make a documentary film on the life of an entrepreneur? This movie will not only help the young entrepreneurs answer most of their doubts about startups but would also make it clear what it takes to be an entrepreneur. During the course of this exersice we will unearth the pattern in all the entrepreneurs in the way they have been and are living life!

What do we do with the film?
We will show the movie in different forums like NeN, TiE, Barcamp, OCC, Kickstart, Mobile Monday, Startup Saturday. Most importantly we will showcase this in engineering colleges so that students have a good idea of what a startup is and are better informed to make their choices during placements. Not only in engineering colleges ,we shall also showcase this in colleges of other streams like arts and science. We are also trying to rope in a media partner.

How can you contribute?
If you are an entrepreneur and are inspired by the vision, my team would like to interview you for 10-20 minutes. All you have to do is to pour your experiences out. Please consider the possibility of sparing your time for the big cause and mail us your response to

1. Ankur Jain - ankurj[dot]iitd[at]gmail[dot]com +91-998-079-7667
2. Hemanth Haridas - hhemanth[at]gmail[dot]com +91 9886685724

What do you get from the movie when you contribute ?
  1. You will get famous and your company will be known India-wide
  2. You may get to recruit freshers from colleges, may get interns too.
  3. You may get a cool way to give back and contribute to the society.