Saturday, August 9, 2008

About Lifeblob

Lifeblob mission is to help people connect their lives with the world around them.

Simply put, Lifeblob is the people`s personal diary, with a social angle to it - we represent it as a timeline. Just like people would write in their personal dairy about their experiences, the events that happened in their life and stick pictures to make it memorable, we allow you to make posts on the people`s timeline capture those precious memories.

However the people who founded this organisation are:-
  1. Pranav Bhasin - He has 7+ years of leadership experience and he completed Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from NSIT. Pranav was among the intial few who started Trilogy India Operations. He has worked in various leadership roles leading higj-performance teams spread across india, US and China. As a " Section Lead " in Trilogy University 2004, Pranav kickstarted 4 new buisnesses for Trilogy in a span of 3 months and thereafter went on to lead the R&D for Trilogy`s first Interactive Marketing solution in the Automative Vertical.
  2. Rakesh Ranjan - He joined Trilogy after completing his Bachelor of Engineering from PESIT, Bangalore in the year 2005. Rakesh is a Technology freak and during his Trilogy University, Rakesh envisioned the opportunity in building a collaborative search engineer, developed a prototype in 3 months and convinced the CEO to fund the idea beyond TU. Thereafter, Rakesh moved on to the Automative Vertical as a Technical Fellow and was instrumental in architecting Trilogy`s first analytical engine to identify and target automotive shoppers.
  3. Vishu GS - He started OTP, a company focused towards services to the overseas market immediately after finishing his Master of Engineering in Computer Science from PSG, Coimbature in the year 2005. After making OTP a professionally run company, vishnu joined Trilogy to as a " Pre-Sales and Product Management Analyst " to evangelize " Trilogy`s Lead Scoring Service " and devise strategies to acquire users through Interactive Marketing. In the early 2007, Vishnu left Trilogy to start Interchain, a company focussed on Location Based Services and also co-founded Lifeblob.
Now, if we imagine there are millions of people across this globe making posts that connect their timelines with various other timelines thereby creating this huge global mesh. And if we imagine if we could walk around this mesh over a single timeline or use these posts as to jump from one timeline to another, disscovering new people and new pieces of information - that is what Lifelob enables for people.

The important achievements till date are:- a) High-complexity on the server side - Capability to handle multiple data at a single strech, b) Intuitive visualization on the client side - The main vision of people of Lifeblob was to have the timeline be a reflection to a personal`s life, so visualization of the timeline and the way a user can interact with it was very important. And also the biggest challenge in the near future for them is going to be acquiring users at a rapid pace and turning the company into profitable venture. Thus thay took all these challenges head-on and have successfully addressed them and also they count these as their largest achievements till date.