Saturday, August 9, 2008

About Refer-India

Refer India is a recruiting firm; their database will be built on references and direct application that will be reviewed and filtered by the technical team. Their expertise lies in placement services for the IT, ITES, BPO and KPO industry. Recruitment has always been the most crucial factor within an Organization and people are the key strength. RI internal technical team will interview the candidate and propose to the client the most relevant and qualified candidate.

The mission of the company is: " To serve and solve the purpose of recruitment for the corporate companies by identifying the most tested and trusted candidate; to bridge the expectation level between the client and the candidate at the resume level; and to share business with people associated with us; contributing to our success ".

Sonu Mishra, co-founder of Refer India and the driving force behind this company, has over eight years of experience in recruiting sector, team management and client handling.With expertise in process management and having helped in a company setup; Sonu understands the gap in the current norm of prospective candidate - employer relationship, recruitment; and that led to RI. Highly passionate and committed towards work, she has contributed to different industry sectors, mainly to Information Technology, IT Enabled Services, Banking and KPO. RI is her new passion. Sonu Mishra completed her Bachelor of Science in Environmental Sciences in the year 1999 and has around 8 years of industry experience.

The important achievement of Sonu Mishra is - Revenue generation in the second of commencing the buisness. The important challenges of Sonu Mishra are - Approaching the clients, entering the market while it is down, etc.