Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yusuf Motiwala, Tring Me

TringMe is a product company focussed on building next generation communication platform.The people at TringMe are driven by the passion to provide people with cutting-edge technology, which will make communication a amazing experience.Their line of products will make the communication between individuals easy and pleasureful.

TringSwitch is one such product which integrates the might of existing voice and text communication devices, the power of the internet and the capabilities of SIP devices. It supports both web and the mobile platforms by providing a fully embeddable web-client for the web and an equally good VOIP-client for the mobile platform.

The key features of TringSwitch are:

  • High availability and real-time platform optimized for web-based and Mobile-VOIP applications.
  • It is the core back-end platform for all TringMe offerings 3. Supports Phones, IMIs, Mobile phones, SIP phones, SIP clients, Internet as organisation and termination points.
  • Exposes Flash and REST APIs so that innovative voice-enabled we apps can be written by third parties as well.
  • Can be integrated with any telephony backend including SIP server. 6. Enterprise ready with redundancy and clustering/load balancing support.
  • Voice over Instant Messenger (VOIM) - Gtalk and Jabber are fully supported. Support for Yahoo, Skype and MSN is coming soon...
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) engine is in the works. 9. Exposes easy to use APSs to enable tight integration

TringPhone is another product from this company which showcases their innovative capabilities.It is a web-based phone which provides the ability to call a phone anywhere in the world. TringPhone is classic example of a software which is easy to use and has an high value for the customer

The key features of TringPhone are:

  1. It is directly accessible from a web browser. No software installation is required.
  2. It is very easy to use. Login, Dial and Talk.
  3. No complex settings - e.g. SIP settings, NAT traversal, Unblocking firewall portsd etc- to deal with.
  4. Supports calling a phone number, a SIP phone or IM ( Gtalk )
  5. Call is truly initiated from the PC that`s connected to the web
  6. Doesn`t use callback technique to establish calls between the two parties.
  7. Branding and Customization is fully supported. 8. Can specify your own VOIP provider.

About the Founder (Yusuf Motiwala) :
  • 13+ years of experience in communication and multimedia industries. - Held several levels of technical (architecture) and management roles in Flextronics, Lucent, Texas Instruments (TI) – strong technical background.
  • Education: Masters degree (EE). Associated with premier education institutes (IIT-Bombay/Stanford).
  • Author of the popular DVD encoder YMPEG (
  • Several excellence awards in technical, skills management areas.
  • Participated in System level architecture review and similar initiatives in Lucent, TI.
  • Has filed 2 patents on telecom/IPTV domain.
  • Authored few IEEE papers and got special mention in RFC 4067 (wireless context transfer protocol).
  • Speaker for IETE Broadband and communications Conference 2005 – EFCoS 05 - Organizer of Barcamp Bangalore II, Dec 2006.
Lakshman Srikanth and Phaneendra Kaddi