Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prateek and Nitya Muziboo

Muziboo is an online community of musicians. The members of this community share whatever music they make with other members of the community. They can also upload cover versions of songs and get comments from the other users.

The tagline of Muziboo is “Get an audience”. Muziboo does provide audience for the music a member creates and for the covers he sings or plays. It is basically targeted at amateur musicians who need their music to be reviewed.

Some of the things that you can do as a member of this community are

  • Share your music

  • Comment on music

  • Build your online profile

  • Find new friends and band members

  • Create a page for your band

  • Talk on groups and find help for your queries.

There is hardly any genre of music which is not shared or discussed. The community provides rich audience for whatever genre of music you upload or discuss. It brings together those musicians who’ve just started playing and those musicians who’ve been creating good music for some time. The blend of “newbies” and “professionals” in the community adds to its essence. There are many with original compositions, and also there are people who have sung covers, wanting a feedback from peers on their singing.

The community is still growing. All it takes to become a member of this community is an account in their official website The procedure is fairly simple and hardly takes any time. Another important aspect of Muziboo is that it does not rate music which is shared, though it has a “most played section” which will hint users about the popular ones.

The community has been appreciated for its idea and the help it offers to upcoming musicians. The website was launched by its founders Prateek and Nithya in August 2007.